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When to start decorating for Christmas

The age old debate over when it's okay to start decorating for Christmas has drawn many people to opposite ends of the spectrum. Some people start decorating well before Thanksgiving is even over, and some people only decorate a week before Christmas. Either one is fine, but there are some pros and cons to both viewpoints. 

Pros and cons of decorating early

  • Studies show that people who decorate early enjoy the happiness and joy of the Holidays much earlier, and as a result are generally happier. 
  • People who decorate earlier are generally liked by their neighbors. 
  • Leaves more time to enjoy Holiday traditions during the festivities and less time worrying about trying to decorate on time. 
    • Although you get it out of the way, the decorations will be exposed to the elements much sooner and for much longer. This can lead to wear and tear. 
    • Decorating for Christmas so early might distract from other Holidays like Thanksgiving. 


Pros and cons of Decorating later: 

  • One of the major benefits of decorating later into the year involves the other holidays. Focusing on just Christmas can distract from other family traditions such as Thanksgiving. 
  • The decorations themselves are up for a much shorter amount of time
    • Studies show that people who put up their decorations later also tend to leave them up for longer into the new year. 


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